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The Evolution Story

If you wanted to build the best payroll technology for the service bureau industry, where would you begin? You might start by learning the payroll industry from top to bottom. That’s what Evolution founders Michael Trahan and Desiree Hanley did when they founded iSystems, LLC, the company behind Evolution. And that is just the beginning of the story.

Ambitious Journey

  • Successfully managed a payroll service bureau for 10 years to learn everything about the business.
  • Vigorously tested leading payroll systems and evaluated what worked and what was missing.
  • Developed a brand new payroll system to do what other software failed to do.
  • Continued to innovate and invest in the system meeting the complex business and technological challenges of the changing business environment.
  • Tied the success of the business to the ongoing success of its payroll service bureau clients.

The expansive journey to Evolution resulted in a dynamic payroll system built by veteran service bureau professionals exclusively for service bureaus - a system that provides powerful tools, best practices, and flexibility to successfully support clients of all sizes and complexity levels.

Our Mission

The Evolution mission is to provide the resources, tools, and scalable HCM software that grows with your business.  We have prided ourselves over the years in helping to foster the growth of numerous small payroll companies into very successful full-service bureaus.

Market-leading Technology

Today, Evolution is an all-in-one single-database payroll, tax and HR/benefits system with leading-edge features.

  • PAYROLL:  Advanced, auditable payroll system with built in best practices, and can handle payroll of all sizes and complexity levels.
  • TAX MANAGMENT:  Federal, state, and local tax rate are all updated and maintained, and reconciliation of all bank accounts can be done directly within the system.
  • HR, BENEFITS, AND EMPLOYEE PORTAL:  HR and benefit options for businesses of all sizes, allowing companies and employees to easily track and report on essential employee data.  User friendly online benefit enrollment and employee self-service portal.

Business transformations

Behind the powerful Evolution system is a talented team of professionals dedicated to supporting service bureaus with the training and tools needed to grow a successful payroll business.  The team focuses on guiding each client through the transition as seamlessly as possible. It’s an approach that has helped service bureaus reach new levels of success for over 15 years, including the first licensee who is still with us today.

The Evolution software continues to evolve into a robust HCM technology system.  In the past three years, we have tripled our IT development staff and brought in leading developers with strong SaaS backgrounds.

We invite you to learn more about Evolution – the software, technology, and the people – and how we can help your business evolve.

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