HCM Technology

Grow your Human Capital Management (HCM) client base with confidence.

Evolution gives you the tools to confidently expand your client base and meet current and future HCM challenges with certainty.

Payroll and HCM service bureaus today need more than simple payroll and tax calculation software. You need a powerful HCM system designed to meet the complex payroll, HR and benefits needs of your clients as well as the technology challenges of a continuously shifting business landscape.

A powerful HCM system built just for you.

Evolution is a dynamic Payroll, HR, and Tax Management system developed by payroll and HR service bureau veterans for the Human Capital Management (HCM) industry. Providing unparalleled accuracy, productivity, and financial control within one fully integrated platform, Evolution gives your company the power and flexibility to operate and grow your business while continuing to meet the growing trends of the industry.

Fueling your growth and success.

Growth of your payroll and HCM business is inherently tied to the capabilities of the platform on which your business runs and the support services provided. At Evolution, we firmly believe that your success is our success. Evolution’s focus on integrated payroll, tax management, extensive auditability, HRIS, and benefits administration means you can easily manage and support businesses of all size and complexity levels.

With our dedication to the ongoing success of service bureaus, Evolution closely manages total cost-of-ownership so that you receive the robust tools you need to achieve revenue growth and expansion of your business while containing costs.  We also provide marketing and sales support to ensure that you continue to have the tools you need to effectively compete in today’s market.

Evolution HCM for Service Bureaus.

The HCM system designed by service bureau professionals for service bureau professionals with your continued growth and success in mind.

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