Backup & Hosting Solutions

Evolution is here for you!

We believe in providing our clients with the utmost flexibility when it comes to running their business on Evolution, and this flexibility extends to how they prefer to host the software. For clients who choose to host Evolution themselves, our technical staff assists them in ordering the necessary hardware to host the platform at a location of their choosing. For those who choose this function, we host Evolution at one of our secure data centers for a nominal monthly fee.


For those service bureaus that prefer to host their own payroll data the Evolution Hotsite Service provides a crucial element of your Disaster Recovery plan that other software platforms simply cannot offer.

With Evolution, you are better prepared to deal with unexpected events that could severely disrupt your business. Evolution’s proprietary asynchronous data replication (ADR) feature can replicate data in near real-time to a secondary location, without the need for additional software. Using this feature you can create your own “hotsite” location for disaster recovery or you can use the Evolution hotsite service.

In the event of an emergency, we restore your data to a live Evolution environment at our location, which you can access from your backup operations site. With Evolution’s technology, you can provide peace of mind to your clients and ensure the well-being of your business with very little effort. With Evolution as your business partner, rest assured your business will be in good hands.

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